Of glycerin and yada yada.

PS: readers are warned that its not the yada yada of spiritual gyaan of our very own Mr. Shri Krishna.
(PS comes from latin word pre-scriptum an expression meaning “written before”)

Little did I know(ok..ok…this is the one of the most cliched starting line, but #1 its all my tired mind can make up for now,  #2 (for anti-#1 point) treat this as a tribute to Marc Foster, “stranger than fiction”,

….so where was I?

Ya …little did I know that a simple act of washing one hair will make me realize the potency of power + at the same time delimit my ever expanding ego.

So I have been washing my hair in this semester, like a usual chore one days as one drags through life
(you see I am not the dragging kind, but blame it on exam/deadlines tend to make you a dragging type, and the meritocracy system). Now Singapore proudly adorns itself as meritocracy state, and even I am follower of meritocracy system, but sometime it kind of disturbs you, and when it disturbs me I adopt egalitarianism, but again the problem is others dont. So back to meritocracy system and its innate characteristic.
So as I was dragging through daily chore of washing hair, the lather of my particular brand of shampoo eluded me. It was like all the lye have ceased to believe in saponification and instead of producing glycerine (read foam) they were quite and stoic.
This puzzled me, for like 40 seconds, and then I was back to usual chores, my non-dragging-chores-of-life. It was not until a day before I realised that the stupid bottle was of conditioner, and …why do they have so much cosmetics in the shelf, which confuses an average joe/jane. (jane in my case) Mr. Mgmt @ Garnier, hark ye…

Take care. India (Hindi) – Apna Khayaal Rakhna.
For hair that shines with all its strength.
with all the punchlines, u fail to emphasize on the wordings on your product. I would have personally given you some tips, but blame it on
#1 lack of time/inspiration/incentive
#2 I choose masters in electronics instead of masters in management
#3 my dragging mode
#4 hair should have been lost somewhere in between evolution, why they are still here ??
#5 yada yada yada

Yet it made me realize, not like when I see galaxies/constellation wallpaper and realize how small our earth is , or like how 1 small step for man, and giant leap…blah ..blah
it made me realize how shitty the corporates are wid their packaging, and how poor me got fooled. sob. But then the glory of your shining hairs, and its manifestations. The joy of discovering small things, like this piece of junk being created as my friend who procrastinates my joy of having evening caffeine.
Rajesh wtf !! get ur arse off dat semiconductor shit….

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