End of days : R.E.M.

“Ohh life is bigger, its bigger than you”

I think those were the days, when it was hot and humid summer, when the moon was low and listening to nightswimming calmed your senses. You literally exhausted the audio cassette (oh the analog days !!) R.E.M. was one of the bands that shaped my teenage ears and years.

The voice of Michael Stipe,As Bono said once, “That voice. It’s an extraordinary voice,” and Peter Buck’s guitar riffs were amazing in its essence, were perfect for growing up to alternative rock.  Humming up the ballads of “man on the moon”, or listening endlessly to “new orleans instrumental”. It is enticing how the music stays with you after all these years, and you reminiscence the times when you were lost in altogether a different world, huggging on to your sony watchman. + growing up in Varanasi and listening to alt rock as REM, made sure you just had 1-2 guys to share your music with, in my case just one. That kinda made listening to REM more exclusive.

But alas, it disheartening to see the REM call it a day, I could have very well written an ode, but then have not been following them these 4-5 years, but then yes they were the base of my music taste and a good platform made by the pioneers of alt rock. Personally I think their retirement was sort of impending. But 31 years, 15 albums. Respect.

Thou will be missed R.E.M. 😐

“See you heaven if you make the list. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

and my fav five…

5) Drive

4) Everybody hurts

3) Losing my religion

2) Nightswimming

1) Man on the moon
PS : Is this the year of retirements, with White Stripes gone in February ,Harry Potter series finished. Steve jobs gone on Aug 24 and now R.E.M. calls it a day. <I better should move to Beibers and Gagas…LOL…not even in my dreams>


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  1. Shivam

    R.E.M….i dunno kaun hain ye but haan Manoj Tiwari still dere so wry not….

    1. arunabh mishra


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