between Sandman and error detection…

I don’t think that I’ve been in love as such

Although I liked a few folk pretty well
Love must be vaster than my smiles or touch
for brave men died and empires rose and fell
for love, girls follow boys to foreign lands
and men have followed women into hell
In plays and poems someone understands
there’s something makes us more than blood and bone
And more than biological demands
for me love’s like the wind unseen, unknown
I see the trees are bending where it’s been
I know that it leaves wreckage where it’s blown
I really don’t know what I love you means
I think it means don’t leave me here alone
-Neil Gaiman


“All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone;
We must speak of other matters:
You can be me when I’m gone
Flowers gathered in the evening,
Afternoon they blossom on;
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I’m gone”
-The kindly ones




I would have added more of his writings but yeah the space constraints,

And ideally I should be dwelling into cyclic redundancy check and detection of errors, Sandman is more enthralling and ironically tangible. 😛

Now that is the sad part of getting out of your room and coming to a secluded silent corner in the library, your mind dwells in the plethora of books and missing literary opportunities, instead of a plain mugging up of lectures of wireless. A struggle of its kind, when right and left side are at war, and you sit behind reclusively observing altercation. Or sketch in your notebook, thinking of comics you will someday or never do…a movie to finish of a role model, and lectures of mit from other role model…a WC quater final match… Gosh…so much to do and so little time…. and you gulp two cups of coke making up for innocent water which surprisingly is pain in the ass to get here..shucks! persist dear and lights will guide you home….


But where shall wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding?
Man knoweth not the price thereof; neither is it found in the land of the living…
No mention shall be made of coral or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies.

-(The Book of Job, 28:12, 13,18)


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  1. shavia

    very well written by Neil Gaiman…… 🙂

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