Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Am too late to get my hands on this album…..but who cares.
Its so much rewarding.
May be it was the lyrical monotonicity of US/UK bands that was getting me , and Phoenix came in just in time to soar me up.

Love like a Sunset
When I first heard it in Coppola’s Somewhere, I did not realized this could be a track of an alternative rock band, and that to a French one of all places.
But yes Sophia has a good taste of music and she never fails to amaze with the OSTs.May be Phoenix were trying to replicate original Wolfgang Amadeus in synthesizers and guitars. And you bet they get it right. The haunting reverberations and percussion starts your music DNA moving. You cant leave the 7:40 length track, its riveting.

Love like a sunset II
It starts at 5:37, and you already wish it was more of it.Yes I knew this was a band and I went onto youtube right after the trailer.Thanks God I did.
Yes those lards at BBC, failed to realise, it meanders huh!


Listening to Listzomania u get hung on lyrics and a re
ally definitive music. I still dont know what does Listzomania means, but ‘not easily offended’. It starts with a definitive riff with drums rolling in, and then comes the awesome lyrics, ‘hard to let it go’
Too late…too late…too late

Starts with synthesiers and elec guitars thrown in together to give that good start….and Thomas Mars joins in.
Calling hey hey hey hey
Its the music that your girlfriend is hung on , as Rolling stone reviewed the album.Mazzalai does a good folding up of the song, just when you thought song was building up .

“Where would you go with a lasso”
Starts with the drumbeats stuck in infinite loop, a bit of Mazzalai’s thrown in.
Interesting adage at the end mixed with electronica.

You cant deny the amazing vocals of Thomas Mars. Its definiitive and undubitable.There is a certain electronic ting and tang in Fences.

PS: Thanksfully I got my winamp as music software and good old days of discovering music…


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