Never Let Me Go

You folks have to see that I am not trying to write  a review, its just the words oozing after u finish a masterpiece…may be some sunny day I will be capable and confident enough to write a book review, but this night is definitely not the one with a shining sun….

And I really remember the days when I would lie cuddled in the couch or a corner between bed and almirah, reading through pages and pages, oblivious  of the globe revolving around…or trying to find a corner in the house where just a stint of sunlight would light up a page and I would swing into the book and sleep….

“Never let me go” surely lived upto its name, yet it went….but yes it gave the joy and moments that a good read is suppose to give….

Am copy-pasting a comment, never liked to edit my first write… here it goes

Read time :7 sep- 25 sep

Ok….glad I took some time 2 finish it…didnt finished it in a jiffy (lyk i usually do)….dis 1 is meant 2 be savoured and heartfelt….
And believe me its seriously different, unlike anything I have read….its not action packed…or sexed up or historical or the moody like prose sth romantic….its a diff type of love may b

Its diff kind of read….a slow sweet poison….it holds onto has a kind of charm….d shrinking pain…in pages…and beyond….and its so sublime and yet closely woven wid life…
‘a heartbreaker’ as Time said

Never expected a chinki to write so well and touchingly…It must hav taken ages 2 finish, or the guy is NF type ….may be u can get me “The remains of the day”……

And better check dis song “Never Let me Go”….<gosh it doesnt exists in reality>….thnx writer for dat….

Oh ya did I missed to mention the ending…its like the opera ending….like a wave wiping the art off the sand unceremoniously yet there is a certain charm in the way it does

And I didnt realised that the writer Kazuo Ishiguro has 4 booker nominations including a booker….lives upto the coveted adjective.

And it would be impertinent not to mention his other reads

A Pale View of Hills (1982)
An Artist of the Floating World (1986)
The Remains of the Day (1989)
The Unconsoled (1995)
When We Were Orphans (2000)
Never Let Me Go (2005)
and yes 1989 was booker year for book.

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