Of enlightnment and maya

And there was this dark crevice….I was in an age old temple….made of rocks….which were stained darkly…..giving away their ages…..and there was a statue there in passage….with four hands and a four heads….And then he wondered what am I doing in this temple of Brahma….For the statue was of Lord Brahma and he was standing there in front of statue. But he wasn’t too sure whether it was real or a statue. If it was former….no…no…it cant be former….and he formed his theories to refute it.

And there was a lake nearby…where folks went to bathe their feet

The dream baffled him for days to come, was this an answer to his growing atheism, or his subconscious was playing tricks. Sometimes he would halt in the middle of his life activities and wonder what am I doing here. ‘Here’ in broader sense…what he was doing in this part of universe…..what he was doing in this human form…and writing this he realized it was when his soul took the pilot seat. He was liberated from the reins of maya and he has momentary realizations.
And then he came back like a teenage from Personality development workshop. He was all set to face the world with this divine realization. “Enjoy the life” was on a flask packing. Most of the basic truths are very simple, so simple that we are bound to miss overlook them, for
(1) We look for sth which is very complex and abstruse (like dis word)

(2) Even if a thing/philosophy seems to be plausible we start questioning its simplicity

He wondered from his early teenage days. When Buddha got enlightment how he got it….it was written in history book “at that moment he realized essence of everything”. And here he was 12 years of age pondering how is this possible….he got everything at a spur of moment. Ofcourse he did penance as a prologue.
Or maybe it was a moment in human timescale. He would be travelling eons in some astral plane. And he realized this after another 13 years.
You see this supports the theory…..You took just 1 moment to realize this….So what say you?

He had this style of writing as if he was addressing himself. Arunabh – the non writer being addressed (sometimes mockingly) in third person by Arunabh the writer.

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