Billy McLaughlin:Rightness of the Left

Although there were dese mails coming all through 2-3 weeks, I dimissed them as usual corporate gutter shit.HIttingShift+ del as uswal.

But I think I was geared up for this writeup. After a long b’fast I summoned my like-minded friend to see a bit of guitar strumming. Guitar? Are you crazy? A guitar in corporate. Dats oxymoron.

But yes here I was listening to a classical strums in a crowded auditorium. And when the host asked the fellows at back to come in front and sit down. I was apprehensive but eventually followed my college gutarist, Kunal. Thus 3 of us sat with music in the air- point to be noted the corporate air.

May be I am getting too pragmatic. But then I came to know story of Billy.

2001 – He was diagnosed with focal dystonia
He relearned the music. One note at a time. With his left hand.

And at the end I was just brave enough to raise my hand,
“Billy! I want to do a write up, with your permission.”
“Blog away! Blog away”,he said.
And so I blogged.


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