B’ful day

The low contrast ambience
The hazy sights
Is it my eye, fresh from night’s sleep.
Or is it a beautiful day outside.
Rain falls down
& greens the green grass
Fills the brimming heart.
Love is in air.
At times like these the time should stop.
The eternity wont be monotonous
The drops would immortalize living.
Hear the sound of drops falling….splash
Hear the soft rustle of wind…..susurus
Hear the sound of silence.
Hearing  the joys of soul.
Ever heard of eternal joy.
It’s intertwined with crests & troughs.
Hedonism in anti-hedonistic existence.
The song is in my heart
Complete with guitar riffs,
It is really a beautiful day outside & inside!!
(17 Aug, 2009 waz a b’ful day)

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