A swim across time.

I was swimming at 3:30 in the morning
But there was no water

Only empty corridors
An empty emptiness and lonely lonliness,
were pouring heavy drops of melancholy.
And I was all wet drowning in the flood.
Knocking like a drunkard, banging desk for another bottle

My life feels empty and hollow
Lunar ambience rules my mood
Passages were haunting
Unknown sagas lurking in the corners

Lights were diminished. Escalators out of order
Chipped walls, broken plasters
Dirty tiles, broken windows
The wind was hallucinating, and airway delusory, and mind diabolic
Doors were sealed, locks locked.

I was feeling choked,demanding oxygen sysntesis
Finding place to rest my soul and body.
With pillow in hand,
And a bag at back- burden of life.

Speculating my future.Extrapolating my future
Remembering my past
Analysing my present.

(3rd semester, morning 4, Sikkim)

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