The Volition

The drops calm me
Powerful deep memories.
The wind feels divine, the sound reads heavenly.
Is that a taste of ambrosia?
Rashly a veneer comes forth…
Alas! back to tangibles.
The real realities, the sundry realism.
Long nights
Days marked with spontaneous unpredictabilities.
Awry thoughts. Fancy dreams. Random volition.
That tinkering laugh….
Oh I am smitten by those golden eyes,
rounded with lapels of joy.
Ardent feral passions,
Imposing archaic symphonies.
These roots of ignorance were blissful for a while
But the rain of wisdom drenches me hot and frigid.
Cleansing away the perishables
Many perished over the period
Some wanted some unwanted.
And here I stand high and dried.
Disturbing the quiescence .
A chilled frozen turkey.
A resurrected icarus,
Acquiring feathers of phoenix.

Composed in a bus by a window, it was raining
Apr 14, 2009

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