Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.

As I ushered in through those doors was real , but mind was still on surreal plane. I wanted a feeling to spread upon my heart so mind had selected stairs over escalator. And I contemplated on my new found acquaintance as I walked some 100 steps.

The office was on 5th floor and here I was at Ogilvy office at Banglore. I was still scheming what to say, how to say. Reminded me of my visit at Zoho. I gathered enough strength and confidence. The reception was a normal one yet had a red oval hanging behind with Ogilvy written across. The office was done as a submarine. I called upon PR, and after exchanging pleasantries I announced my intention of doing advert with O&M. Upon which she forwarded me to some one from marketing. Caught in corporate glitches which starts at HR. HR being out of office my PR skills ended until next week.

But I was more than happy to get a peek around, Seeing ebby awards from Goafest 2009. Where were 2010 ones, May be @ Piyush’s in Mumbai. Wo! Dere even was a Cannes lions.

I wish……

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