Reminiscence Of aamaar bangla

All u need a temptation or action inviting so and every one will opine his/her opinion

Getting down @ sealdah/howrah, u will feel ki Yes I have landed somewhere in a mela…Its a different feeling. The one that u wont get at Nijamuddin, CST, secunderbad or Central.[banglore is not even worth counting, looks like an artificial knock off of many foreign things] And then the moment u come out of station howrah greets you open handed. I always loved taking ferry across howrah rather than getting wasted on the bridge.

And then ofcourse the delicacies, edible-quotient is high out here. Check out the chowringee for history or get ready to be lost in hustle-bustle of bara bazaar. For the nouveau there is park street, bhawanipur and lansdowne. U can recharge the kundalini at kalighat.

Kolkata has a soul of its own.

But I am yet to experience the joy of puja in Kolkata, which i missed for five straight years in bengal.

PS: The writeup was inspired by a article wid same name by Vir Sanghvi

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