Farts, pokies and Schrodinger

A guy was sitting in trance on top of bay slab, and a spontaneous metabolic activity in his digestive system, came to a halt at his rear and out came a rush of gases, ‘BOOM’.

“Preposterous! , you cant sit around in bay, farting out loud!”
But to his luck, nobody heard, the area was desolate and he was saved from a public embarrassment.

And then sleepy as he was, he browsed the bay with half-closed, half-opened eyelids, and saw the pokies in pink.
“wo..wo..wat a sight”, “What a bitch!, and don’t excuse my french”, he mused, “Why she is having tits, all the time”.

A jerk down his denims, told him he was getting an overdose of testosterone. And he also wondered if brain waves travel, will she knew this, Obviously she is knowing that(pokies), but yet moving around unabashed, or rather unoblivious of this male-visual-aphrodisiac.

He was lost in these thoughts, when Ericsson phone set, started ringing, saving his mind from torture, and he was back to business dealings of a UK telecom giant.

“The absence of god means devil exists?”, questioned Tiwari.
“No, both must exist in conjugation, just as matter and anti-matter exists”, although the boy who was contemplating farts & tits 3 hours before, was not sure of himself.
“But then there has to be some proof, why its hidden.”, he said blasphemously.
He gave a contenance of ignorance, and continued his journey to next station on his thought train.

“Are we a variable, in some equation?”
“You mean just like schrondinger’s?”
“Yes, but the variable, must not know that it is a part of a system, else the whole system will have no solution.
So God created curbs on variable.”
“As in rules of equations, domain and range”
“Exactly, and so the variable has shackles of money, maya, etc. But the most fantastic one is opposite sex, its the most clever creation”.

May be he is right, this makes sense, yes opposite sex is most intriguing. It’s like a NMI(non-maskable-interrupt) in microprocessor. And writing this he silently chuckled to himself.

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