Of Blasphemies & atheism!

The voices seems unfamiliar and alien. They always do in tamil, unless u r using ur senses to get an insight into feelings.
The inadvertents a’s at the end of everya worda. Dats tamila for u.

Denims do feel good, after 2 weeks of formals.

“Search is nothing but trying to find patterns.”
Seemed plausible, but manu wanted to hear more, so he kept silent.
Tewari continued, “You see it’s like whenever a new thing happens, human mind tends to find a pattern in behaviors or activity. Be it scientist searching the grand unified theory or string theory”.“When you arrive at a new place, you can’t find that pattern, and you are excited. But as weeks-months go you slowly tend to recognize the pattern and then one feels bored.”

“Hmmm…this is more plausible, so what about the pattern of life?”. Mused manu, observing a pack of stray dogs sniffing around the leftovers.

“That’s god’s plan, he meant it to be simple and hidden. If one finds a pattern in life, then humans are tend to get bored of this life.”
“And if there is no God”, came a blasphemy from a Brahmin. Manu remembered wiki-ing ‘The Satanic Bible’ a day before, and thought may be he is becoming atheist.

“Now that will be something. A very interesting situation would arise. It will be like suddenly invisible strings have snapped.”
“I will run away with my roomies bike and sell it. Ha ha”.
“No seriously.Jokes apart, it will be like people free from moral & religious bindings. May be anarchy would prevail.”
May be Anton LaVey was right in his own way, coming up with The Satanic Bible. It was nine, and he had been thinking this cycling at top gear. Why is it every hero needs a villain, every Sachin needs a Pakistan, Dhruv needed Grand master robo. Gandhi needed Britons. Aamir needs SRK.

“You see, such situation will lead to two scenarios. One that there never was any God. Secondly, there was God and all of a sudden he ceased to exist.”, Rahul always had a logic in his answers, may be five years at iit and his over education did this. Manu used to tease him over this.
Of course Rahul continued, “So it will be catastrophic but you need to think in which case you fall? And why the fuck you are coming with these stupid discussions”.
He had been feverish since last two days, and yet meticulously doing his job of senior analyst at a consultancy. Talk of work-fever.

And a sneeze that never came, it just ended in loud aachhhh.
“Dats gross, I love to sneeze, clears the guts”. The boy skipped his shower in morning, improvising on 50 seconds under tap, head shower. The head rush explained his trance and consequent scribing at mid-noon in office.


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