R.I.P. Olive Ridley

9 Jan,2009

I waz lazying around on Thiruvanmiyur beach, Chennai waiting with a mobile camera, for elusive crabs to come out of sand. After waiting for some 20 mins, and then cursing the arachnid for not coming I resumed my stroll down the beach. Wo there was a turtle a big huge one lying on the beach. But it seemed eerily static, and then I saw empty eye sockets, and a swarm of flies hovering I realised it was dead.

Filled with compassion, and wondering this fellow must be aged. What must have lead to his death? Did some poachers killed it? I recalled Olive ridley Turtle is a declared endangered, and found in Orissa & Tamil nadu. Wiki told its the smallest species of turtle, and I thought it was garguantian.

But the green dude was nothing less than beautiful, with a green carapace, and a limbs turned into floaters with large base. These biological creatures are a serious works of art, with all adapted and made for the world they dwell in.
Although I clicked the pic, but there was a heavy heart behind the lens.


WWF India



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