Karma & Gaia

1150 Hrs:

“A friend of mine, working in deloitte for 5 months, said man think, before you leap. When do you stuck to advice, coz’ advises have that 90% flavour of personal exp & prejudice, so it will not apply to some one else.”, manu sat pondering in his bay.

He used to take a certain pride that this company was his second MNC, and he had tasted telecom & IT sector. But even this sense of been-dere-done-that didn’t mollified him. He was in his usual trance state, and was unaware what was going around. He closed his eyes, and saw darkness looming over his soul. May be that chick in last night sitcom, was true about the ‘gaia’ theory. There exists a harmony between soul & nature, and everything happens according to that universal harmony. He scratched his temple, wasn’t Aghora-3, law of karma, alluded to same principle, a universal law of harmony, which equilibriates itself. And then these preachers of pantheisms?

Now he was seriously confused, co relating gaia, law of karma & pantheism. Why should you know so much, to rake your small brain….gosh!

He suddenly realized it was out in the bay, and air conditioning was not working. Or was it because he skipped bath in morning, courtesy feverish skin.

1220 Hrs:

Having read about auto expo, in daily newspaper, he wondered how people would have started their life in Indus Valley. Was there any newspaper or auto expo.

Manu looked around, and saw his team mates getting churned in this project. “May be I am getting repetitive”.

What if internet went bust?, he mused upon Tiwari’s thoughts.

A dawn when people wont be socially networking, there will be no emails and outlooks. Tim Berners Lee must have been anti-gaia theorist, and so are Zuckerberg, Craig Evans, Jobs, gates. They are the perpetrators of web & its related evils. Now there exists a group of people, one who are pro-web and other anti web. Latter come up, from time to time, movies like matrix, final fantasy or avatar. And the other group is all powerful and rich. And wat about the rest 98%, they are just on for a ride, isnt it?

It will be a total chaos, its like the world is floating on a giant balloon of internet. And just imagine you are soaring high, and enjoying the view, have a mansion floating, and den BOOM! U hear the balloon go burst, And you are plunging, precipitating back to earth. (both figuratively & archaically)

Mankind will show symptoms similar to PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), avoidance of reality, a generic vexation on everything- Omninvexed state. Rationalisation, and finally living with it.

“Is it my prescience or utter nescience?”.


He was losing his trance, and slowly crawling back to this existential world. He could now more correlate with the beings around. May be if you converse with a human, you will start feeling human again. Manu took a deep breath, gaia? It’s a good concept. But is this a strong gaia or weak.

Off late he hath surrounded himself with wordly objects, a exclusive watch and a touch phone. Yet sometimes he loathed all his possessions( although a meager amount), and longed to spent days getting wasted in sun on a beach, or lazying around on a himalyan peak. Or a shack in jungle at night (minus the mosquitoes.), or reveling at warmth of cold coconut water near an oasis.

He loved the unevenness of sea waves, and how they personified chaos thory with their movements. (Now he understood why animating wate & waves is considered the toughest in CGI. But they,valve interactive did a neat job in half-life 2.)

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