karma…God knows?

Sometimes I think this ‘fuck’ generation of ours, just puts f***/f-ing/ …Blame it on western pop songs(though pop era expired long time ago).

 And as I am writing this, a thought says even though such intricacies of working of higher power, the soul, the Karma has been in our culture then why we praise firangs, Scott Adams. Am not trying to demur Adams, its a awesome book, and nor are your post-read-review-thoughts, yet… Waz going through a website on Gita, and yet how many of ours “f-gen” have ever read Gita, we kind of ostracize (may b only mentally), one who does, Gosh! he is not a dude…

All written & mused. (/all said and done)

I always thought the creator of Dilbert, must be having a knack, for its hard to be so subtle & humorous, yet hitting the bulls’ eye, in 3 frame comic strip. (and so is RKL with his strip ion common man) I loved the part which was having science, g-force, nucleus, string theory. We all know about these, but yet again we fail to question any of these, a set of set beliefs, we lack ‘Jigyassa’

 Hey may be after a decade they will discover that there is a S-force (soul force), which binds all micro-sub-atomic particles. And being human we (may be me) always perceive soul as a scintilating, semi transparent human form, call it human limitation, it might be a force, or just a knowledge, as Buddha/Mahavira had. It’s just we are happy enough, to make soul/god to have a human form, its more easy to our brain. Worshipping/imagining ‘Nirankara’ is tough for mango ppl like us. Its definitely >1 read-book, although I have never repeated a novel, will b repeating dis.

Coming to our eternal ambition, iimA is definitely a class apart(oh dese cliches!), waz going thru a blog post, might interest u, Seeing pics of ppl in dem, I wonder they must hav came from some diff planet(Oh dese cliches!), rather they must b having a new undiscovered subatomic particle in grey matter, how it would feel to be among the top brains of India (provided u agree cat as a brain test).Will decide when I’ll jam at LKP

 But after 20-25 years all this will be trifle, or it might even be deciding factor.

God knows? (now thats a true cliched cliche and may be I have a cliche for cliche)

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