The opening lines of the opening verse of the opening song of October crystallize the central dillema with which the band, and especially Bono,  were force to grapple throughout the album.

” I try to sing,

I try to stand but I can’t find my feet.

I try , I try to speak up.

But only in you I am complete”.

The song reflects a desperate desire to find a voice, a language, a way of expressing at once the faith- the certaininty- that was at the heart of band.

From listening to Paul McGuiness’ gregoraian chant album , the idea emerged to doing chorus in latin. In the context of prevailing nihilism of punk, this was an extraordinary audacious gesture. Bono asked Gary Jermyn – a friend who has gone to study in Trinity College, Dublin- to do the initial translation.

You could hear the desperation and confusion in some of the lyrics“,’Gloria’ is  a lyric about not being able to express what’s going on, not being able to put it down, not knowing where we are.”, Edge

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