Transcendental Binary musings of a flaneur

Caffine fumes on my face,

Fighting the insomniac in me.

Sun burns high and dry,

Asphalt hard and ashen.

Half-formed thoughts in mind,

A pen rambles on a white sheet,

Noises come in symphony

Colours green and yellow.

Late night junkyard shifts,

Cool night breeze washes my face,

The moon high and a dark night,

Bed seems cozy and water purifying.

Thoughts come in binary,

Pixels in high resolution,

Keypad tapping and mouse tracking,

Limitless limits set for cracking.

A friend murmuring for satisfaction,

A search issues in own self,

Soft and hard are the locks,

It’s hard to be soft.

Composed 23 March, HDC Cafeteria.


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