1K books to read !!!!

I stumbled upom this site which gave 1001 books to read before you die, it contained myriands of genre and a must go through for every bibliophile.


Well…the list is a big one and I was more then pleased to see several of my favourites authours.

Charles Dickens….Christmas Carol,

Dostoevsky….The Idiot, Crime And Punishment, The possessed

Jules Verne….Journey to middle of earth, Around the world in 80 days

Emily Bronte’s wuthering heights…There was Vikram Seth’s A suitable boy and Orwell’s classic ‘Animal farm’,1984. So was the Yann Martel’s life of pi.Paulo coehlo’s devil and miss prym. PG wodehouse’s Thank you Jeeves.

Shame and midnight children by Salaman Rushdie. One Hundred years of solitude by Gaba

There are lots of them on which hollywood flicks have been made

Underworld…Don DeLillo

Trainspotting…Irvine Welsh

Rebecca…..Daphne de Maurier

Lord of the rings….JK Rowling

The English Patient….Michael Ondaatje

American Psycho…..Bret Easton Ellis

The shining….Stephen King

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