Auld Lang syne!!!

When Calvin & Hobbes started out they were just another a comic strip that one saw on the front pages. I wait whole week for the strip on Sunday & ever since I have read it I have been into the love with the Calvin-with his philosophy about day to day thing, and the omniscient tiger-Calvin stuffed toy. The chicaneries of the duo has made me laugh my heart out. It is very natural for a child to be involve with petty peccadillos and he has his own world where he weaves his creatures and can collate his own story with his very own climax & anti climax. Give him his paraphernalia of toys and he will create his action packed story his very own juvenile gadgets, add ingenuous onomatopoeias and wo…welcome to the credulods and naïve material world of Calvin & Hobbes, where Calvin is the supreme authority of his oligarchy- a carte blanche, aided by Hobbes. Chivvying the elders for the trifles and when the wish get fulfilled we are the most happy in the whole world.

    A particular strip moved me, it was this one with a racoon who was ill and then succumbed to his injuries. I was once moved, when my pet parrot got bruised in a melle with a cat and it succumbed to his injuries, & how I was shaken amidst the watery eyes. That’s the best thing going through these comic strips or a state of art pixar animation series that brings out our own  ‘auld lang sayne’.

As the great hindi poetess Sumitra nandan pant elaborated her daughters whininh to hear a story,

माँ कह एक कहानी,
बेटा समझ लिया क्या तुने मुझको अपनी नानी
कहती है मुझसे यह चेती
तू मेरी नानी की बेटी
कह माँ कह लेटी ही लेटी,
राजा था या रानी,
माँ कह एक कहानी


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