Ist day of spring

Although all seems very copacetic in here, there is a great upheavel going on.
Its analogous to a plate tectonics when a rayleigh wave travels its take time for the pre-simians to get what is happening.

    Now listening to Chris Martin’s sonorous voice and speed of sound.Its strange the analogy the birds flowing at the speed of sound, then there will be a sonic boom.I wonder if Martin knew all dis while composing the lyrics.Its been raining on the first day of spring and the weather gods are all set for seemingly heavinly bliss on this Indian frontier-Sikkim.
    Talking of birds,recently a amateur ornothologist from Malaysia who was roaming these parts enlightened me dat Sikkim is a place for bird watching with some rare varieties here(read Jay, blue breasted Robin).

Blue breasted Robin

Its the part of year when these pulchritude species come out of their delvings and add to the panormic view.

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